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Security Drugs is a responsible and outstanding pharmacist in the Bronx and a leading provider of surgical and pharmaceutical supplies. Services include free blood sugar examinations, annual customer prescription history, prescription counseling and prescription filling, which takes approximately 10 minutes.

Security Drugs specializes in supplying incontinence protection, various food items, men’s and women’s surgical stockings and nutritional supplement milk. Diabetic items are available for patients who are suffering from this condition and have specific needs. In addition, Security Drugs offers vitamins and herbs in the Bronx to supplement diets and support good health.

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For customers’ convenience, Security Drugs offers many different products. As one of the leading medical suppliers, we stock items that are difficult to find at many other locations. From wheelchairs and walkers to surgical stockings, you can also count on Security Drugs diabetic shop for blood glucose testing and many other supplies.

Besides a full line of over-the-counter medications and individual prescriptions, people looking for herbs in the Bronx area can get them at Security Drugs. In addition, tonics, herbal teas and weight-control products are readily available. We also have food products including baked goods, juices, sodas, assorted nuts and instant noodles.

Those who are looking for cosmetics in the Bronx can check out a full line of lotions, skin care products, colognes, perfumes and assorted hair accessories. At Security Drugs, you will find every product for your family’s complete health care needs.


Our Mission

To provide our patients and community with the best possible healthcare as well as quality healthcare products at a reasonable cost.

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